Nametag Profile Overview

What is Nametag Profile?

Connect multiple wallets across various chains, curate a gallery, and port your profile into popular apps like Twitter, Youtube, and Discord, as well as metaverses, games, and experiences. Enjoy seamless interaction within our ecosystem through our Chrome extension.

Main Features
Find fellow digital collectors on platforms like Discord and YouTube
View other users' profiles and open their inventory with one click
Compatible with Twitter, allowing users to view the Nametag dimension
Exhibit your own inventory of digital collectibles
Earn achievements based on your social influencer level

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Frequently asked questions

Nametag is currently available on Twitter and Discord. It will soon be available on YouTube, Twitch, OpenSea, and other platforms.

Yes, with the Nametag Chrome extension, you can view other users' profiles and inventory on platforms such as Twitter and Discord. The extension allows you to see fellow digital collectors, their inventory, badges, and more directly on their native platforms. Additionally, Nametag is planning to expand to other platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and OpenSea in the future.

Achievements that can be earned based on social influencer level include:

  1. The Doge Father: Elon Musk follows you on Twitter.
  2. Legend: On YouTube, have more than 500,000 subscribers.
  3. Pane Relief: Break 500 windows in total.
  4. The Father of ETH: Vitalik follows you on Twitter.
  5. The Play Button: On YouTube, have more than 100,000 subscribers.
  6. A Rising Star: On YouTube, have more than 50,000 subscribers.
  7. MVP Titan: You're a CS:GO MVP titan, known by everyone in the CS:GO community.
  8. Legendary: Played for 2000 hours in total, making you a true legend in the world of CS:GO.
  9. FanFare: On YouTube, have more than 25,000 subscribers.
  10. The Bomb Whisperer: Defused 500 bombs, showcasing skill, persistence, and dedication to the game.
  11. Bean Master: Own more than five Doodles NFTs in connected wallets.
  12. Annihilator: Become a true force on the battlefield, accumulating an impressive body count.
  13. Pistols at Dawn: Achieve 100 kills with any pistol, demonstrating accuracy and skill.
  14. Shotgun Specialist: Achieve 50 kills with any shotgun, showcasing expertise with shotguns.

Please note that the percentages provided indicate the rarity or difficulty of achieving each milestone.

Yes, Nametag will support more platforms in the future. Twitch, OpenSea, and other platforms will be in the works soon. Users are encouraged to follow Nametag on Twitter to stay updated on when more platforms become available.

To stay updated on the availability of new platforms for Nametag, you can follow Nametag on Twitter. They will announce when more platforms become available, including Twitch, OpenSea, and others. Additionally, you can install the Nametag browser extension, which allows you to see the Nametag dimension on Twitter and Discord. This extension also lets you exhibit your own inventory of digital collectibles and earn achievements based on your social influencer level.

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