Ethereum Ecosystem: Your Unofficial Guide to Apps on Ethereum and its Layer 2s

Connect with the best of Ethereum and its Layer 2s. Whether it's on Ethereum, a Layer 2 like Optimism, or both, we make finding apps simple. Discover a wide range of apps and tools for centralized and decentralized finance, NFTs, and DAOs.

Foundation of Web3xplorer

In October, we laid the groundwork for Web3xplorer, inspired to create a user-centric web app for discovering web3 apps and tools.

Secured Optimism Grant

Our hard work and vision for Web3xplorer caught the attention of Optimism, resulting in us securing a grant to further our mission.


Our efforts were recognized during RetroPGF3, where the Optimism Collective rewarded our contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Rebranded to Ethereum Ecosystem

With our focus firmly on Ethereum and its layer 2s, we evolved from Web3xplorer to Ethereum Ecosystem, a name that truly reflects our mission.

Meet the team behind Ethereum Ecosystem

Ethereum Ecosystem was born from pure passion for the Ethereum landscape. We've been riding the web3 and digital assets wave since 2017, and man, what a journey! Through the highs, lows, and wild turns, we noticed something - everyone, from our buddies to our parents, was trying to find their way around this new digital frontier. That's when the light bulb went off! 💡

  • Maxime Servais profile
    Maxime Servais

    Software Developer @Ethereum Ecosystem

    Ex-PwC tech consultant and Biz Dev at The Smurfs' Society. Now building and keeping Ethereum Ecosystem up to date full-time.

  • Antoine Sparenberg profile
    Antoine Sparenberg

    Ecosystem Lead @Argent

    Antoine serves as Ecosystem Lead at Argent wallet. He helps expanding Ethereum Ecosystem whenever he can find the time.

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