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ZkSync Era Overview

What is ZkSync Era?

zkSync Era is the layer 2 protocol that scales Ethereum's security and values through zero-knowledge cryptography. zkSync's mission is not only to increase Ethereum's throughput but to fully preserve its foundational values — at scale.

To meet web3's exponential demand, blockchains needs to scale like the Internet: processing an unlimited number of transactions without a marginal impact on security or cost. We call this property hyperscalability, and this is the ultimate goal of Era's design.

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Frequently asked questions

You can use the official bridge or any other bridge like Orbiter or Hop Exchange.

Login to Portal using MetaMask to create or access your zkSync Era wallet.

You can deep dive into zkSync Era and explore the network using the official explorer.

The security model of zkSync Era is unique in that it provides an absolute guarantee of Ethereum's security. It doesn't hinge on fraud proofs or game theory. Instead, it's grounded in fundamental mathematical and cryptographic structures. By posting cryptographic proofs to Ethereum's Layer 1 (L1), along with the requisite data to verify and recreate all transactions, zkSync Era ensures the integrity of the transaction state, making it impossible to falsify or compromise, thereby safeguarding users' funds.

Open sourcing the code is not just a part of zkSync's philosophy, but also crucial for the protocol's security. Various strategies such as bug bounties, public contests, and contributions from the community rigorously test the system throughout their progress towards widespread adoption.

For more info, visit: https://zksync.io/security