Testnet Faucets

Free & Easy to use testnet faucets with very generous drips. Get some ETH now on test networks like Ethereum, Base and Optimism Sepolia and build a bunch of cool dApps! 🚀

Ethereum Sepolia

Ethereum Sepolia

Ethereum is a community-run technology powering thousands of decentralized applications.

Optimism Sepolia

Optimism Sepolia

OP Mainnet is an EVM equivalent Layer 2 blockchain connected to Ethereum.

Base Sepolia

Base Sepolia

Base is a secure, low-cost, builder-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users onchain.

Mode Sepolia

Mode Sepolia

Mode is the Modular DeFi L2 building the Superchain alongside Optimism.

What's a PoW Faucet?

A PoW faucet dispenses free testnet ETH to users who complete computational tasks, deterring abuse and ensuring equitable resource distribution.

Free tokens.
PoW faucets supply free tokens for use on networks like Base and Optimism Sepolia, allowing for cost-free deployment and optimization in a setting that closely resembles live blockchains such as OP Mainnet and Base.
Fair Access.
PoW faucets are designed to be accessible to a wide range of users by limiting mining to CPU-based efforts. This prevents the system from being dominated by users with powerful mining rigs.
Bot Protection.
PoW Faucet implement robust measures to prevent automated scripts and bots from exploiting the system, ensuring fair access to resources for genuine users.
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How can I use a PoW Faucet?

Using a Proof of Work faucet doesn't involve actual mining of new coins. Instead, it requires users to complete a simple computational task as a way to fairly distribute testnet tokens.


Enter Your Ethereum Address

Visit the PoW faucet of your choice and input your testnet wallet address where you wish to receive the ETH. Solve an hCaptcha to prove you are not a bot.


Perform Computational Work

Engage in a simple mining process by using your computer's processing power to solve a cryptographic challenge provided by the faucet.


Claim Your Tokens

Once you have accrued sufficient rewards, claim your ETH. The tokens will then be sent to your specified wallet address, ready for use in testing and development.

Frequently asked questions

A Testnet Faucet is a resource for web3 developers, providing free tokens for use on test blockchains like Sepolia, Goerli, and Holesky. Test blockchains are essential for deploying, testing, and optimizing smart contracts in a simulation of production blockchain environments without incurring real gas fees.

These faucet combat bot spam with effective protective measures, including proof-of-work (called Mining), ensuring fair fund distribution on low-reserve networks. Mining here doesn't create coins but safeguards against excessive withdrawals. Based on the awesome work of PoW Faucet

Developing on mainnet blockchains like Ethereum requires gas fees, which cost real money. Faucets eliminate this barrier by offering free test tokens, enabling developers to test and refine smart contracts without financial constraints.

Faucets often contend with bot spam and token farming. To combat this, many use protective measures like proof-of-work systems. These systems ensure a fair distribution of funds, especially on networks with low fund reserves.

No, the proof-of-work system in faucets does not generate new coins. It's a security measure to prevent draining of the faucet's wallet by automated or excessive fund requests.

The hashpower in faucets serves as a protective measure. It's a computational cost that users pay to access the funds, acting as a deterrent against mass-mining or misuse by single entities.

We got your back! We put together a list of a bunch of other awesome faucets for you to use. Check them out here.

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