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What is Across?

Enables easier native token transfers across distinct native blockchains in the Ethereum ecosystem using a network of relayers and an in-built optimistic validation.

Main Features
Capital Efficient

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Frequently asked questions

Across ensures safety in cross-chain bridging through its optimistic design and the use of UMA's optimistic oracle. The optimistic design means that even with multiple participants in the bridge, it only takes one honest actor to dispute a false claim, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the bridging process. Additionally, Across offers fast bridging, with an average fill time of under 1 minute, and aims to enable next-block bridging in the future. The platform also prioritizes capital efficiency, which helps lower costs and reduce the amount of funds at risk.

The average bridging time on Across is under 1 minute.

To become a part of the Across mission, you can start by joining the community. There are various ways to contribute and earn ACX rewards while helping guide the direction of the Across DAO. Additionally, you can participate in the referral program and earn a portion of fees in ACX for transfers made from your unique referral link. You can connect your wallet to get started and explore the different pools available for staking LP tokens, which offer rewards in ACX.

The main focus of Across in terms of bridge design is to provide a capital-efficient cross-chain bridge. They believe that capital efficiency is the most important measure of a cross-chain bridge, as it leads to lower costs and reduces the amount of funds at risk.

To earn ACX rewards on Across, you can join the referral program and earn a portion of fees in ACX for transfers made from your unique referral link. Additionally, you can stake LP tokens in the various pools available on Across to earn rewards. The available pools include WETH-LP, USDC-LP, USDT-LP, DAI-LP, WBTC-LP, and ACX-LP. Each pool offers different APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and rewards percentages. By staking LP tokens in these pools, you can earn ACX rewards based on the pool's APY and rewards percentage.

The total volume of transactions on Across is $2.6 billion+.

The average fill time for transactions on Across is 1 minute.

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