Aerodrome Overview

What is Aerodrome?

A decentralized trading and liquidity marketplace with low fees and a user-friendly experience.

Main Features
Low fees and low slippage swaps
Support for stable and volatile pairs
Self-optimizing liquidity flywheel
All fees and incentives go to voters
Mobile apps and browser extension for convenience and security

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Frequently asked questions

To access Aerodrome Finance, you can use the following wallets:

  1. Coinbase Wallet app: Connect with your self-custody wallet.
  2. Coinbase app: Connect with your Coinbase account.
  3. Open Coinbase Wallet app: Scan the QR code or install the Coinbase Wallet browser extension to connect with dapps on your desktop browser.
  4. Browser Wallet: Connect with your Ethereum Wallet.
  5. WalletConnect: Connect with a compatible wallet using the WalletConnect protocol.
  6. Safe: Connect with the Safe wallet.

These wallets will allow you to access and interact with the Aerodrome Finance platform for trading and liquidity purposes.

The benefits of providing liquidity in liquidity pools include:

  1. Low price impact: By providing liquidity, people can trade more of a token without causing a significant price impact. This is because liquidity pools ensure that there are enough tokens available for trading, reducing slippage.

  2. Token utility: Liquidity providers who hold tokens can benefit from potential gains by providing liquidity. They earn rewards in the form of additional tokens, such as AERO, which can be valuable if the token's price increases.

  3. Earnings from rewards: Liquidity providers receive rewards in the form of AERO emissions. The more liquidity a provider contributes to a pool, the more AERO they receive as rewards.

  4. Lower slippage: Deeper liquidity in a pool leads to lower slippage, making it easier for traders to execute low-slippage swaps.

  5. Incentives for voting: Liquidity providers who stake their tokens (veAERO lockers) and participate in voting on the most productive pools receive a share of the trading fees as an additional incentive.

Overall, providing liquidity in liquidity pools allows for efficient trading, potential token gains, and earning rewards in the form of additional tokens.

Aerodrome distributes AERO emissions to liquidity providers across all liquidity pools. The amount of AERO allocated to each liquidity pool is determined by a weekly vote. Liquidity providers receive AERO emissions proportionally based on the amount of liquidity they provide in a pool. The more liquidity a provider contributes, the more AERO rewards they receive.

The lock-up period for veAERO tokens can be up to 4 years.

To obtain veAERO tokens, you need to be an AERO holder and vote-escrow your tokens. By locking your AERO tokens for a certain period of time, you can receive veAERO tokens in exchange. The lock period can be up to 4 years, and the conversion rate is linear. For example, if you lock 100 AERO for 4 years, you will receive 100 veAERO. If you lock 100 AERO for 1 year, you will receive 25 veAERO. veAERO holders have the ability to vote on which pools receive AERO emissions and receive 100% of the fees and incentives from the pools they vote for.

The launch date of Aerodrome Finance was on August 28, 2023, on the BASE network.

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