Aragon Overview

What is Aragon?

One of the most established and widely used DAO builders, Aragon was founded by Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo in 2017 as a censorship-resistant alternative to traditional governance structures. It has been used by numerous DAOs to build their communities and economies, and even contains sub-DAOs to optimize its own operation.

Main Features
No coding required for creating and managing DAOs
Mint and distribute tokens
Authorize wallets for voting
Set governance parameters without coding
User-friendly dashboard for accessing tools and information

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Frequently asked questions

To create a DAO without coding, you can use the Aragon App, a DAO creation and management platform that does not require coding. With the Aragon App, you can mint and distribute tokens, authorize wallets for voting, and set governance parameters without writing a line of code. It also provides easy governance setup, allowing members to make proposals and cast votes with no barriers to entry. Additionally, the Aragon App provides a centralized dashboard where members can find everything they need for the DAO.

The main features of the Aragon App include:

  1. One platform for everything: The Aragon App provides a centralized platform where users can find all the information they need in one place, eliminating the need to search for links across multiple platforms.

  2. Proposal creation and voting: Users can create proposals and cast votes within the Aragon App, making it easy for DAO members to participate in decision-making processes.

  3. Integration with Snapshot: Once tokens are minted in the Aragon App, they can be used in Snapshot to vote on proposals off-chain.

  4. Open source and free to use: The Aragon App is open source and free to use. However, users will still need to pay gas costs, which depend on the blockchain they are using.

  5. Human-centered approach: The Aragon App is designed to provide a user-friendly experience in web3, with a focus on user experience and modularity.

No, currently you can only use tokens minted within the Aragon App for governance. However, the next release of Aragon is expected to allow the use of previously minted tokens.

To authorize wallets for voting in your DAO using the Aragon App, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a DAO: Use the Aragon App to create your DAO in minutes. This process is simple and fast, with guidance along the way.

  2. Set up governance: The Aragon App provides easy governance setup. You can configure actions and set permissions according to your requirements. This allows you to streamline decision processes and improve coordination.

  3. Mint and distribute tokens: Within the Aragon App, you can mint your ERC-20 tokens and distribute them to your members. Tokens are essential for voting and decision-making within the DAO.

  4. Authorize wallets for voting: Once you have minted and distributed tokens, you can authorize wallets for voting. This means that only the authorized wallets will have the ability to cast votes in your DAO. This wallet-based voting acts like a multisig, ensuring secure onchain voting without the need for a token.

  5. Start voting: With authorized wallets in place, members can create proposals and cast votes in your organization. The Aragon App provides a user-friendly interface for creating proposals and making your voice heard through voting.

It's important to note that setting up an NFT voting DAO with the Aragon App is not yet possible. However, future releases may integrate this feature. Additionally, currently, you can only use tokens minted within the Aragon App for voting. However, the next release aims to allow the use of any previously minted token.

Yes, there is a user-friendly dashboard for managing your DAO. Members can onboard quickly and find everything they need in the DAO Dashboard. The dashboard allows you to mint and distribute tokens, authorize wallets for voting, and set governance parameters without writing any code. It also provides simple governance setup with guidance along the way, making it easy for members to make proposals and cast votes with no barriers to entry.

Aragon ODS is an Open Design System provided by Aragon, a DAO creation and management platform. It allows users to design a user-friendly and custom user interface (UI) for their Aragon App. With Aragon ODS, users can create a personalized dashboard and customize the UI of their DAO without the need for coding. However, it is important to note that Aragon ODS is currently listed as "Coming soon", indicating that it may not be available for immediate use at the time of this information.

Aragon OSx was released in March 2023. It offers a user-friendly tech stack that includes Aragon App (Beta), which is a no-code platform for building DAOs quickly and easily. The OSx is designed to be lean and flexible, enabling the creation of organizations that may not be imaginable today.

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