Axelar Overview

What is Axelar?

Axelar provide secure cross-chain communication and simplified interaction with multiple chains.

Main Features
Secure communication and Turing-complete composability
Universal asset transfer across chains
Axelar Virtual Machine for smart contract execution
Proof-of-stake consensus and quadratic voting for security
Grants program and resources for developers

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Frequently asked questions

Axelar is a platform that focuses on cross-chain security and interoperability. It utilizes a proof-of-stake decentralized design at its core and incorporates a novel quadratic voting mechanism to increase network decentralization. Axelar also implements validator security policies, such as mandatory key rotations, to enhance security. The platform is powered by the native utility token called AXL, which is used for secure cross-chain communication, decentralized security, and governance. Developers can easily integrate with Axelar through APIs and an SDK, allowing them to compose across multiple chains without the need for new programming languages or complex infrastructure management.

The Axelar Virtual Machine is a programmable layer powered by Cosmwasm that turns interoperability into a programmable layer. It allows developers to write smart contracts on Axelar and scale their interchain deployments while programming the cross-chain networking layer. The Axelar Virtual Machine underpins two additional products: Interchain Amplifier, a permissionless model and service that enables easy connection to the Axelar network and its interconnected chains, and Interchain Maestro, an orchestrator that developers can use to deploy and manage their multi-chain dApp instantiations.

Axelar ensures security through a combination of measures. Firstly, it utilizes a proof-of-stake decentralized design at its core, which enhances security. Additionally, Axelar employs a novel quadratic voting mechanism that increases the decentralization of the network, further enhancing security. The platform also implements validator security policies, such as mandatory key rotations, to ensure the integrity of the network.

Furthermore, Axelar's network code undergoes continuous and rigorous audits, and all network and contract codes are open-source. This allows for comments and revisions from white-hat hackers, and an active bug-bounty program incentivizes the submission of vulnerabilities.

Moreover, Axelar supports application-level security add-ons, enabling developers to implement custom cross-chain security policies. This allows for the imposition of additional limits on fund transfers, repeat transactions, co-authoring large transfers, and more, providing even stronger security guarantees.

Axelar provides the following resources for developers:

  • Documentation (DOCS)
  • GitHub repository (GITHUB)
  • Block explorer (BLOCK EXPLORER)
  • Resources specifically for developers (FOR DEVELOPERS)

To contact Axelar, you can reach out to them through their social media channels such as Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The Axelar Grants Program is a $5 million developer grant program offered by Axelar. The program aims to collaborate with selected teams to scale the building of new connections across ecosystems, improve security, and design interchain orchestration templates on the Axelar Virtual Machine. Ideal applicants should have a deep understanding of consensus protocols and cryptography, as well as a strong software engineering background.

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