Baseline Overview

What is Baseline?

Baseline is an innovative system designed for ERC20 tokens. It gives steady liquidity and safe borrowing without risk. It adds money to Uniswap V3 pools at the start. It keeps a guaranteed minimum value for tokens. It also uses a smart way to control the token supply and a strategy to keep money moving on the blockchain. This makes sure there's always enough money and the token price keeps rising.

Main Features
Provides stable liquidity
Guaranteed baseline value (BLV)
Permissionless market-making system
Persistent on-chain liquidity
Seeds initial liquidity

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Frequently asked questions

Baseline ensures a token's price can only go up by establishing a baseline value (BLV) for ERC20 tokens, which is the minimum price at which the last token can be sold back to the pool. This is achieved through a unique mechanism where the protocol initially owns the entire supply of tokens and does not allow teams to issue tokens to themselves or investors beforehand. Instead, tokens are purchased directly from the pool, enabling the protocol to accumulate liquidity.

Rebalancing in the Baseline protocol is triggered whenever the token's price moves beyond a certain threshold. This mechanism is designed to be trustless and deterministic, allowing anyone to permissionlessly rebalance protocol-owned liquidity across three Uniswap V3 positions in a predetermined pattern. This approach ensures that the market remains fair, predictable, and transparent by reducing potential information asymmetry around liquidity rebalances.

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