BCU Overview

What is BCU?

An NFT collectible game that allows players to play with their NFTs within the game, farm cool items that they can equip, and trade on the in-game market for cryptocurrency. NFTs can also be sold, traded, and set up for siring. The game is cost-effective and available on multiple blockchains, allowing players to choose whichever blockchain suits them best without being zoned out of the fun. Additionally, players can attach all blockchains at the same time to one account and use them as they see fit. Play, learn, earn!

Main Features
Collect and play with unique creatures
Breed, battle, equip, and level up creatures
Trade creatures and items with other players
Combines NFTs and cryptocurrency
Play-to-earn mechanics

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Frequently asked questions

To collect creatures in Blockchain Cuties Universe, you can participate in various activities within the game. You can acquire cuties through tokens or eggs, which can be obtained through gameplay or purchased from the marketplace. Each cutie is a unique non-fungible token (NFT) that belongs to you and can be bred, battled, equipped, and leveled up. Additionally, you can trade cuties and items with other players in the in-game economy. Blockchain Cuties Universe is a collectible and play-to-earn game that allows you to earn cryptocurrency while having fun.

The role of NFTs in the game is to represent unique and one-of-a-kind virtual creatures called "cuties" that players can collect, breed, battle, equip, and level up. Each cutie in the game is an NFT, which means it is a digital asset that belongs to the player and can be bought, sold, and traded with other players. NFTs add a new level of gameplay and value to the game, as players can own and trade these unique digital assets, making the game a true collectible and play-to-earn experience.

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