Bitci Overview

What is Bitci?

A platform that helps national football teams create and deploy their fan tokens. These tokens are available for sale and trade on Bitci's crypto trading platform.

Main Features
Easy buy and sell options
Exchange for trading cryptocurrencies
Launchpad for new projects
Access to leading cryptocurrencies and Fan Tokens
Detailed information about token supply, Bitci VISA card, and global markets

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Frequently asked questions

To buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Bitci, you need to follow their Know Your Customer (KYC) policy. Before you can start trading, you must complete a quick and simple procedure to ensure the safety and security of your trading account. Bitci Global offers easy buy and sell options, as well as an exchange and launchpad for various cryptocurrencies. You can access Bitci through their website,, or through their country-specific websites for Turkey ( and Brazil ( Bitci also has plans to launch a Bitci VISA card in the future. Additionally, Bitci offers more than 30 Fan Tokens and serves users in five markets. To prevent money laundering, Bitci strictly follows an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy.

The Bitci Launchpad is a feature on the Bitci platform that allows users to participate in token offerings and invest in new projects. It provides opportunities for users to buy and sell tokens, as well as access to competitions and other features. Additionally, Bitci offers a referral program where registered users can earn a 20% commission for every purchase and sale transaction made by referred users.

Fan Tokens are digital assets that represent a form of fan engagement and participation in various sports and entertainment projects. They allow fans to have a voice and influence in decision-making processes, access exclusive content, participate in polls, and even earn rewards. On Bitci, a cryptocurrency platform, users can access more than 30 Fan Tokens, including those associated with teams and organizations such as Brazil, Spain, Rangers FC, MotoGp, and MXGP. By purchasing these Fan Tokens on Bitci, fans can actively engage with their favorite teams and projects.

The Bitci VISA card is coming soon. However, there is no specific date or timeline mentioned for its availability.

Bitci serves the markets of Global, Turkey, and Brazil.

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