Bitwave Overview

What is Bitwave?

The first digital asset finance platform designed to manage the intersection of cryptocurrency tax, accounting, and compliance, enabling the financial revolution made possible by cryptocurrency.

Main Features
Streamline back-office operations with out-of-the-box features
Optimize taxes with customizable inventory segregation methods
Automate accounting workflows with smart transaction categorization
Get total visibility into DeFi activity with accrued rewards tracking
Support full lifecycle NFT tracking with custom sub-ledger rollups

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Frequently asked questions

Bitwave is a digital asset platform built for enterprises. It offers API integrations to seamlessly integrate with existing finance systems and business processes. Bitwave enables organizations to confidently adopt cryptocurrency and integrate new information into their financial systems. It provides a playbook to guide organizations through the phases of digital asset maturity, including enabling adoption, expanding digital assets across the business, unlocking new opportunities, reaching new demographics, establishing market leadership, accessing new pools of capital, and amplifying digital asset value with DeFi. Bitwave also offers an enterprise-grade tax and accounting solution for digital assets, including complete visibility into token lifecycle management, support for tracking and reporting on any protocol and blockchain, staking and revenue recognition, advanced reporting, flexible tax treatments, and integration with Deloitte's governance, risk, and controls advisory services.

Bitwave can streamline back-office operations by providing out-of-the-box features that simplify workflows and increase productivity. It combines tax and accounting capabilities with workflow and process expertise, allowing enterprises to optimize taxes, automate workflows, reduce the risk of errors, and experience a new level of efficiency with smart categorization and reporting. Bitwave also offers on-demand access to accounting and tax subject matter experts, as well as integration with existing finance systems and business processes. By using Bitwave, businesses can confidently navigate the world of digital assets and take advantage of the opportunities for growth, market leadership, and financial control.

Yes, Bitwave can automate accounting workflows for NFTs. It provides features such as automated categorization of transactions, tracking of revenue and royalties, monitoring of expenses, and recognition of taxable events. It also offers integrations with accounting software, blockchains, custodian providers, DeFi protocols, and exchanges. Bitwave is trusted by industry leaders and has been used by OpenSea to automate its NFT accounting workflow.

Bitwave does provide total visibility into DeFi activity. It offers a comprehensive suite of features and integrations for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, allowing users to track and report their DeFi positions on any protocol and blockchain. Bitwave also provides visibility into token lifecycle management across various wallets, exchanges, custodial accounts, and more. Additionally, it offers advanced reporting capabilities to accurately calculate return-on-investments (ROI) for DeFi transactions.

The #1 Digital Asset Finance Platform for Enterprise is Bitwave.

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