Blast Futures Exchange Overview

What is Blast Futures Exchange?

The first perpetual decentralized exchange that offers native yield which solves the big problem of asset depreciation. With features like 5% interest on deposits, zero gas fees, no KYC, and the deepest liquidity in DeFi, it's built to maximize returns and minimize hassles

Main Features
Fast and easy transactions
Automatically earn interest
No KYC required
Permissionless; no account freezes
Deep liquidity

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Frequently asked questions

Market leverage is the amount you are borrowing for each currency pair (e.g. BTC-USD, ETH-USD). For instance, you have $100 and used 10x leverage, then it means you borrowed $900 for every $100 allowing you to control a total amount of $1000. The important thing to remember is you have to pay back the borrowed money with interest on top of it.

MEV is a form of front-running where miners or validators reorder transactions within a block to their advantage, potentially at the expense of regular users' transactions. In the context of Blast Futures Exchange, MEV-resistant orderbook execution ensures that trades are executed in a way that minimizes or eliminates the possibility of such exploitation. This is achieved through mechanisms that hide the details of pending transactions or through fair sequencing rules that prevent miners to push their transactions to the front. As a result, traders on Blast Futures Exchange can fill their orders with little-to-no slippage, ensuring a more secure and equitable trading environment.

It is the amount available for withdrawal. The positions you place on the order book will automatically be deducted on the withdrawable balance.

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