Blocknative Overview

What is Blocknative?

Blocknative provides a real-time web3 data platform for builders and traders to gain easy access to in-flight data and transaction tools. Users can easily integrate hardware and software wallets to their dapps and create custom real-time data streams using the Mempool Explorer.

Main Features
Real-time wallet monitoring
Data streams for transaction monitoring and action
Accurate gas estimation
Mempool event streaming into Dapps
Future event simulation

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Frequently asked questions

Blocknative provides real-time wallet monitoring through its suite of tools. These tools include the Mempool Explorer, Gas Platform API, Mempool API & SDK, and Simulation Platform API.

The Mempool Explorer allows users to create a data stream to monitor and act on transactions in real-time. This means that users can receive immediate updates on the status of their transactions as they move through the mempool before confirmation.

The Gas Platform API provides reliable gas estimation for inclusion in the block users want. This helps users optimize their transaction fees and ensure timely confirmation.

The Mempool API & SDK allows users to easily stream mempool events into their decentralized applications (Dapps). This enables developers to integrate real-time mempool monitoring into their applications, providing users with up-to-date information on their transactions.

The Simulation Platform API allows users to simulate and predict what will happen next in the transaction process. This can help users make informed decisions and anticipate potential issues before they occur.

Overall, Blocknative's suite of tools brings transparency to the mempool and provides real-time monitoring of wallet transactions on Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis (xDai).

The main features of Blocknative's data streams for transaction monitoring and action include real-time mempool data, the ability to simulate pending Ethereum transactions, and multi-wallet support. These features allow users to unlock the power of real-time transaction data, simulate transactions, and easily add multi-wallet support to their projects. Blocknative's infrastructure is crucial for monitoring and managing blockchain transaction processing, particularly during the short seconds between when a transaction is submitted and when it is finalized.

Blocknative ensures accurate gas estimation through its Gas Platform API. This API provides the most reliable gas estimation for inclusion in the block you want. By using this API, users can have confidence in the gas fees they set for their transactions, ensuring that they are accurately estimated for timely inclusion in the blockchain.

Blocknative provides an Mempool API & SDK that allows developers to easily stream mempool events into their Dapps. This API supports Ethereum, Matic, and xDai blockchains. By using the Mempool API & SDK, developers can create a data stream to monitor and act on transactions in real-time. This helps bring transparency to the mempool and allows users to have better visibility and control over their transactions.

The purpose of Blocknative's future event simulation is to simulate every pending Ethereum transaction.

The number of validators connected to Blocknative is not provided in the given reference text.

The uptime of Blocknative is 99.9986%.

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