Blocknative Gas Estimator Overview

What is Blocknative Gas Estimator?

Real-time gas fee estimates for Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, with EIP-1559 support. Embed on your website, install the extension, or use the Estimator API to provide users with transaction cost estimates.

Main Features
Accurate gas fee predictions
Support for Ethereum and Polygon networks
Real-time updates on gas fees
Gas fee probability percentages
Gas alerts in the browser

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Frequently asked questions

The Blocknative Gas Estimator provides accurate gas fee predictions by analyzing various factors such as the current state of the Ethereum network, the number of pending transactions, and the gas prices in those transactions. It uses historical data and statistical models to calculate the probabilities of different gas fee levels being included in the next block. The estimator takes into account factors such as the priority fee, maximum fee, and the likelihood of different fee levels being accepted. By considering these factors, the Blocknative Gas Estimator provides users with reliable predictions of gas fees for their transactions.

The Blocknative Gas Estimator supports the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

The gas fee probability percentages indicate the likelihood of a particular gas fee being included in a transaction on the Ethereum or Polygon network. For example, if the gas fee has a 80% probability, it means that there is an 80% chance that this gas fee will be included in a transaction. The gas fee is measured in GWEI (Giga-Wei), which is a unit of measurement for gas fees on the Ethereum network.

Yes, you can receive gas alerts in your browser by downloading the gas extension from Blocknative and signing up for a free account. This will allow you to receive alerts directly in your browser and stay informed about the best time to transact on Ethereum and Polygon.

To integrate the Gas Estimator into your website, you can use the provided iFrame snippet. Simply add the following code to your webpage:

<iframe class="gas-cards-iframe" src=""></iframe>

This will embed the Gas Estimator from Blocknative into your website, allowing your users to access industry-leading gas fee predictions.

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