Bluesky Overview

What is Bluesky?

BlueSky is a decentralized social networking protocol aimed at redefining how social media operates. It is built on the principle of decentralization, meaning it operates on a distributed network that no single party controls. The protocol is designed to support a wide range of applications, from messaging and social networking to content sharing and beyond, all while maintaining an open and interoperable ecosystem.

Main Features
Open source development
Focus on data ownership of the users
Customize your feed and algorithm
Shared identity across different social apps
Enabling developers to experiment with many new forms of interaction

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Frequently asked questions

Bluesky is an initiative that aims to transition the social web from platforms to protocols. It is building a protocol for public conversation that can make social networks work more like email, blogs, or phone numbers. The protocol, called the Authenticated Transfer Protocol, is close to completion. The Bluesky app is a microblogging client built on the AT Protocol to showcase its features and introduce people to how a social web on the AT Protocol will work. Bluesky is focused on developing and driving large-scale adoption of technologies for open and decentralized public conversation. It has reached over one million users and has implemented algorithmic choice for customizable feeds. Bluesky is exploring avenues of monetization other than traditional advertising and has raised a seed round to support its mission and growth. It also offers features such as purchasing and managing domains directly through Bluesky. The initiative emphasizes the importance of a public commons for social media and proposes moderation and safety tooling. Users on Bluesky own their data, developers will never get locked out of the ecosystems they help build, and creators own their relationships with their audience.

The Authenticated Transfer (AT) Protocol is a protocol developed by Bluesky that aims to transform social media and public conversation online to resemble the early days of the web. It allows for more open and decentralized platforms, similar to blogs or RSS feeds, where anyone can participate and contribute. Unlike traditional social networks that are controlled by a central authority, the AT Protocol gives users and developers more control and freedom. Users can retain their connections and content even if they switch platforms, and developers can experiment with new forms of interaction. The AT Protocol aims to enable a new era of innovation and collaboration in social media.

The advantages of the AT Protocol over traditional social networks include:

  1. Decentralization: The AT Protocol aims to create a more open and decentralized social media environment, similar to the early days of the web. This means that there is no central authority controlling the platform, allowing for more freedom and independence for creators and users.

  2. User Control: Unlike traditional social networks, where users have limited control over their data and content, the AT Protocol gives users more control over their own information. Users can choose how their data is shared and have the ability to maintain ownership and access to their connections and content.

  3. Developer Freedom: Traditional social networks often have strict rules and limitations on what developers can build on their platforms. With the AT Protocol, developers have more freedom to experiment and innovate, as they are not restricted by the rules and limitations imposed by a central authority.

  4. Preservation of Connections and Content: When users leave traditional social networks, they often lose their connections and content. However, with the AT Protocol, users can maintain their connections and content even if they switch platforms. This allows for a more seamless transition and prevents users from having to start over from scratch.

  5. Protection from Platform Changes: Traditional social networks can change their rules and policies, which can negatively impact creators who have built an audience or developers who have built apps on the platform. The AT Protocol provides protection against sudden changes by allowing creators and developers to maintain their audience and continue building on the protocol even if the platform changes its rules.

Overall, the AT Protocol offers a more open, decentralized, and user-centric approach to social networking, empowering creators, developers, and users alike.

To get involved in Bluesky, you can consider the following options:

  1. Explore the Bluesky website: Visit the Bluesky website to learn more about their initiative and the work they are doing. The website provides information about the protocol, app, and frequently asked questions.

  2. Read the Bluesky blog: The Bluesky blog provides updates and insights into the project. It covers topics such as algorithmic choice, monetization strategies, moderation, and safety tooling. By reading the blog, you can stay informed about the latest developments and understand the vision behind Bluesky.

  3. Check for job openings: Bluesky occasionally posts job openings on their website. By visiting the "Jobs" section, you can find information about open positions and apply to join the team. Positions may include backend developers, community and strategic partnerships leads, and more.

  4. Engage with the community: Bluesky aims to transition the social web to open and decentralized protocols. Engaging with the Bluesky community can help you stay connected, share ideas, and contribute to the conversation. This can be done through social media platforms or by participating in discussions on the Bluesky website.

Remember to regularly check the Bluesky website and blog for updates and opportunities to get involved.

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