Boto Overview

What is Boto?

Automate web3 activities without coding - build bots and automate on-chain activities such as loan repayments and NFT listings. Share your automation logic with others to contribute to the space.

Main Features
Customizable bots for saving time and acting fast
24/7 scanning of on-chain events with bots
Access to 1,300+ pre-built recipes for quick bot creation
Endless customization possibilities with integrations across chains, marketplaces, and dapps
No coding required: build bots easily with a drag-and-drop interface

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Frequently asked questions

With Boto, you can automate various tasks such as receiving custom notifications from Discord, building custom Twitter bots, creating Telegram bots to track crypto and wallets, getting updates from Reddit communities, generating AI images and analyzing sentiment with OpenAI (coming soon), receiving custom notifications on Slack, getting custom alerts delivered to your email inbox, using Google Sheets for logic-based spreadsheets with Boto (coming soon), and building secure custom Telegram bots for user interaction. Boto is a no-code automation platform that allows you to automate your crypto, NFT, and other blockchain or DeFi activities. It offers pre-built recipes, a drag-and-drop interface for customization, and integrations with over 15 blockchains and marketplaces for tracking events, analytics, coin prices, and more.

No, you do not need coding skills to use Boto. Boto is a no-code automation platform that allows users to create and share bots for automating crypto, NFT, and other blockchain or DeFi activities. It offers a drag-and-drop interface and pre-built recipes, making it accessible to users without coding knowledge.

To customize your bots, you can use Boto's platform, which offers a drag-and-drop interface and no coding required. Boto allows you to connect blocks to create custom automations for your bots. You can choose from over 1,300 pre-built recipes and customize them to suit your needs. Boto also offers integrations with various apps and services, blockchains, and DeFi platforms, allowing you to track events on over 15 blockchains and marketplaces. Additionally, Boto provides options for custom bot branding and offers powerful blocks for subscribers to access advanced features such as customizing your Discord bot's name and profile picture, posting to Twitter, and using webhooks.

Boto supports tracking events on over 15 blockchains and marketplaces.

Yes, you can connect Boto to Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and other apps. Boto is building a library of bots with integrations for these apps and services, allowing users to receive custom notifications, build custom Twitter bots, create Telegram bots to track crypto, receive updates from Reddit communities, and more. Boto also offers integrations with blockchains and DeFi platforms.

Yes, Boto offers a free plan. The free plan includes 100 Triggers per month, allows for the creation of 2 active bots, and provides unlimited recipes. The frequency of triggers is set at 10 minutes.

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