Brahma Overview

What is Brahma?

Brahma is a new Web3 system in a user-friendly platform designed to help various DeFi users manage their assets and activities on the blockchain. It streamlines the operations of any individual or team by integrating advanced execution and custody solutions. It provides a secure and complete environment for users to manage and automate tasks, delegate actions to specific team members, and ensure accurate transaction fees.

Main Features
On-chain delegation
User-friendly platform
Automate tasks and delegate actions
Optimized Transaction Execution
Secure Environment

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Frequently asked questions

Brahma ensures secure delegation of on-chain operations through a combination of Access Control, Automation, and Execution features. It is all based on strategic triggers, and optimized transaction management, all while leveraging Safe's proven security infrastructure to protect against unauthorized access and threats.

Console is available right now without any further costs. Brahma is about to launch a pricing model that will address the various demands of big asset managers as well as individual customers.

Brahma Console offers advanced features but users should be aware of potential risks. These include smart contract vulnerabilities despite testing, third-party integration risks, custody and security concerns, and the need for regulatory compliance. Users are responsible for conducting due diligence and risk assessment, as well as safeguarding their assets and adhering to legal requirements. Brahma Console provides information but users should exercise caution and seek professional advice.

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