Bungee Overview

What is Bungee?

Bungee is a bridge aggregator that enables users to transfer assets across different blockchains, ensuring the best routing for transactions. It aims to optimize cross-chain transfers by finding the most efficient paths, potentially reducing costs and improving transaction speeds for users.

Main Features
Transfer assets for gas fees
No fees on Bungee
User-friendly and straightforward interface
Fast and cheap transactions

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Frequently asked questions

For any bugs discovered on Bungee V2, please report them through their Discord channel. Your detailed descriptions and any screenshots or transaction hashes you can provide would help them address the issue more effectively.

If your on-chain transaction fails, it might be because the gas limit set by your wallet was too low. Consider retrying with a manually increased gas limit. Should these failures occur often, we encourage you to contact their support team for assistance.

Refuel, created by Socket, allows users to transfer native tokens from one blockchain to another, such as turning $5 of ARB on Arbitrum into $5 of ETH on Optimism. It's accessible via Bungee's Refuel tab or as an option during token bridging by selecting 'Enable Refuel'.

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