Captain & Company Overview

What is Captain & Company?

Captain & Company is the ultimate massively multiplayer pirate adventure game where you can battle it out with up to 128 players in persistent ocean worlds, and real stakes from your enemies. With asymmetric gameplay, you can choose to be a captain for bigger risks and rewards or a company crewmember for a safer play.

Main Features
Real-time multiplayer battles with up to 128 players
Ship customization for unique gameplay experiences
Community of streamers, digital whales, and pirates

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can play Captain & Company on mobile devices. The reference text mentions that the game will soon be available for download directly from Google Play, which indicates it is compatible with Android devices.

To become a captain in Captain & Company, you need to secure your ship as every captain needs a ship. This is crucial for setting out on the high seas and engaging in the game's activities. You can purchase the ships on their Opensea collection. To become a captain, you must opt into the role, which comes with bigger risks but also bigger rewards. This involves engaging in real-time ship combat, managing risks, and extracting treasures.

Each fight instance may accommodate up to 128 players, but an infinite number of players can play concurrently across our servers. As a Captain, you can ask 10 or more players to join you on board!

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