Carrier Overview

What is Carrier?

A privacy focused DeFi tool with advanced features and an intuitive UI.

Main Features
Support for ERC-721 NFTs
Easy connection of wallets
Secure transactions protected by 1RPC
Powered by Wormhole for efficient transfers
Simple fund recovery process

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Frequently asked questions

BridgeCoo NFT supports only NFTs that implement ERC-721.

To connect your wallet to BridgeCoo NFT, you need to click on the "Connect" button located on the BridgeCoo NFT interface. This will allow you to connect your wallet and access its functionalities.

The technology that powers the transfer process is Wormhole.

Yes, you can transfer NFTs between Ethereum and Polygon networks using the BridgeCoo NFT. The BridgeCoo NFT supports NFTs that implement ERC-721.

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