Catapult Overview

What is Catapult?

Web3 platform connecting community managers and members through effortless onboarding flows, rich profiles, and targeted connection tools.

Main Features
Customize Accept All
Customize Consent Preferences
Enable necessary cookies for basic site functionalities
Perform certain functionalities with functional cookies
Understand visitor interaction with analytical cookies

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Frequently asked questions

Necessary cookies are essential for enabling the basic functionalities of a website, such as providing secure log-in or adjusting consent preferences. These cookies are stored on the browser and do not store any personally identifiable data.

Functional cookies help perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collecting feedback, and other third-party features.

Analytical cookies help understand visitor interaction by providing information on metrics such as the number of visitors, bounce rate, and traffic source. These cookies allow website owners to analyze how users navigate and engage with their site, which can help improve the user experience and optimize the website's performance.

Performance cookies analyze key performance indexes of a website to improve the user experience. The specific performance indexes analyzed by these cookies may include metrics such as page load time, server response time, website availability, and overall website performance.

Analytics cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. They provide information on metrics such as the number of visitors, bounce rate, and traffic source. These cookies do not directly provide customized advertisements.

No cookies to display.

To adjust your consent preferences, you can click on the "Customize Consent Preferences" option. This will allow you to choose which types of cookies you want to accept or decline. You will find detailed information about each consent category, such as "Necessary," "Functional," "Analytics," "Performance," "Advertisement," and "Others." By customizing your consent preferences, you can control the types of cookies that are stored on your browser and adjust your browsing experience accordingly.

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