ChainDrop Overview

What is ChainDrop?

A multichain faucet that provides test tokens for major testnets such as Ethereum Sepolia, Goerli, Polygon, BSC, and Moonbase Alpha in users' wallets.

Main Features
Token Faucet: Users can request test tokens from different testnets.
Multiple Testnets: The app supports a wide range of testnets including Polygon, Goerli, zkSync, and more.
Easy Beneficiary Address Entry: Users can easily enter the beneficiary address to receive the requested tokens.
Zero Fee Transactions: Users can request tokens without any transaction fees.
Token Selection: Users can select the desired token from the available options.

Frequently asked questions

To request test tokens, you can use a faucet specific to the network you are testing on. In this case, if you are testing on the Polygon Testnet, you can request test tokens by selecting the Polygon Testnet MATIC token from the list of available tokens. Enter the beneficiary address where you want the tokens to be sent and specify the amount of tokens you need, such as 0.1 MATIC. The fee for requesting test tokens is 0. However, if you do not see any tokens available in the list, it means that there are currently no tokens available for distribution.

The app supports the following testnets:

  1. Polygon Testnet (MATIC)
  2. Goerli Testnet (gETH)
  3. Sepolia Testnet (sETH)
  4. zkSync Era Testnet (ETH)
  5. Goshen Testnet (Goshen)
  6. Telos Testnet (TLOS)
  7. Fantom Testnet (FTM)
  8. BSC Testnet (tBNB)
  9. Moonbase Alpha (DEV)
  10. AME Chain (AME)
  11. Shibuya Testnet (SBY)
  12. Harmony Testnet (ONE)
  13. Rootstock Testnet (RBTC)
  14. Bitgert Testnet (BRISE)
  15. Shardeum Betanet (SHM)
  16. Shardeum Testnet (SHM)
  17. Sapphire Testnet (ROSE)
  18. Ontology Testnet (ONG)
  19. ONUS Testnet (ONUS)
  20. Fuse Spark Testnet (Fuse)
  21. zkEVM-testnet (zkEVM)
  22. Taiko-testnet (ETH)

Please note that no tokens were found for selection.

There is no fee for requesting tokens.

No, you cannot choose the token you want to receive as there are no tokens available to select from.

No, it is not possible to request tokens without any transaction fees.

To enter the beneficiary address, you need to provide the specific address where you want the tokens to be sent.

A Web3 Faucet is a service that provides free tokens or cryptocurrency to users on various blockchain networks. Users can request a specific token from the available options and provide their beneficiary address to receive the tokens. The service is commonly used on testnets to allow developers and users to experiment with tokens without using real money.

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