Chainge Overview

What is Chainge?

Chainge Finance is recognized as the leading cross-chain aggregated decentralized exchange (DEX) with a combined liquidity exceeding 70 billion. Its mobile application features integration with more than 20 DEXs and supports 29 different blockchain networks and continuously adding more. Offering functionalities like cross-chain wallet management, instant cross-chain transactions, decentralized earning opportunities, and secure smart escrow contracts, Chainge represents a DeFi application fortified by cutting-edge Fusion DCRM technology.

Main Features
Cross-chain swapping
Earn profits by holding assets on Fusion chain or providing liquidity
Decentralized and transparent
Browser and mobile app available
Chainge Visa Virtual Credit Card

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Frequently asked questions

Chainge Finance utilizes Fusion's DCRM technology to facilitate cross-chain transactions and interactions. Users can manage their assets, trade tokens, earn rewards, and utilize smart contracts seamlessly across multiple blockchain networks.

Users only need to hold $BTC, $ETH, $USDT, $USDC, and $DAI on the Fusion chain to earn yield. They can also opt to provide liquidity to CHNG/USDT pool for daily APY returns. There are no lock-up periods required, users can exit pools any time.

Yes, Chainge is audited by Certik. Learn more about the audit report here.

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