Chibi Clash Overview

What is Chibi Clash?

A web3 game with accessible PvP battles, auto battler gameplay, and a unique 2D universe inspired by ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ and ‘Journey to the West’.

Main Features
Play-to-earn PvP auto battler game
Recruit, stake, and deploy
Build your own kingdom
Physically signed art piece raffle
Lucky Token entry for exclusive rewards

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Frequently asked questions

Chibi Clash is a play-to-earn PvP auto battler game set in a fantasy universe.

In the Chibi Clash universe, you can engage in play-to-earn PvP auto battler gameplay. You have the opportunity to recruit, stake, and deploy characters to compete in battles. By participating in these battles and achieving victory, you can progress towards building your own kingdom.

To build your own kingdom in Chibi Clash, you need to play the game and progress through the various game modes. Chibi Clash is a play-to-earn PvP auto battler game where you recruit, stake, and deploy characters to battle against other players. By winning battles and earning $CLASH, the in-game currency, you can advance in the game and get closer to building your own kingdom. For more information and to start playing, you can visit the Chibi Clash website at

The Chibi Clash website can be found at

Yes, there is a community Discord server for Chibi Clash. The Discord server can be accessed at

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