Coin Metrics Overview

What is Coin Metrics?

Coin Metrics is a leading provider of crypto financial intelligence offering network data, market data, index, and network risk solutions to prestigious institutions. Users can utilize their data analytics platform for industry research while developers can build their web3 analytics applications using Coin Metrics APIs. Founded in 2017 as an open-source project, their goal was to determine the economic significance of public blockchains.

Main Features
Insightful and aggregate network data metrics for top cryptoassets
Performant and reliable blockchain explorer
Access to historical and real-time data from leading crypto exchanges
Robust and manipulation-resistant reference rates for assets
Institutional-quality cryptoasset indexes and benchmarks

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Frequently asked questions

Coin Metrics provides cryptoasset network data, market data, prices, and institutional-quality cryptoasset indexes and benchmarks.

Yes, you can access real-time data from crypto exchanges through CM Market Data Feed. It provides access to historical and real-time data from over 30 of the world's leading spot and derivatives crypto exchanges. This includes tick-by-tick trades, quotes, order book snapshots, candles, and more.

The quality of the cryptoasset indexes provided by Coin Metrics is described as "institutional-quality."

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