Coinbrain Overview

What is Coinbrain?

Our app automatically indexes and analyzes all projects on BNB and Ethereum blockchains to help users determine their worth. We provide market information, safety information, off-chain data, and more.

Main Features
Real-time cryptocurrency analytics
Market insights for crypto tokens
Discover and analyze trending coins
Trade crypto tokens on major blockchains
Information on price, market cap, volume, liquidity, and trades

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Frequently asked questions

The app provides real-time cryptocurrency analytics and market insights. It allows users to discover, analyze, and trade crypto tokens on all major blockchains.

The specific coins mentioned in the app are Pepe (PEPE), Strac (STRAC), XRP Token (XRP), Unibot (UNIBOT), and Pond Coin (PNDC).

Metrics provided for Wrapped BNB (WBNB) include the price, volume (24h), market cap, fully diluted market cap, circulating supply, total supply, trading start date, liquidity, and the number of liquidity pools.

The available information about the WBNB/BUSD pair on Pancakeswap is as follows:

  • There are currently 24,988.56 WBNB tokens ($5.3M) available for trading.
  • The corresponding BUSD tokens are -249,930, indicating a negative balance.
  • There have been a total of 1,260,560 trades made on this pair.
  • The safety check shows that there is no honeypot, hidden buy/sell tax, pausable transfers, or proxy contract.
  • The creator does not own more than 5% of the liquidity.
  • The liquidity pool for this pair is verified and has a value of $427,189,497, which represents 78.71% of the market cap.
  • There is also information about the WBNB/USDT pair, which has 182,661 WBNB tokens ($39M) and 6.3M USDT tokens ($6.3M) available for trading.

Yes, there are sell transactions mentioned in the text.

The Blur token is the native governance token of the NFT marketplace Blur. It was released in February 2022 through an airdrop and is intended to help decentralize the platform. The current price of the Blur token is $0.1758, with a market cap of $528 million. There are 42,000 holders of the token. The circulating supply and total supply of Blur tokens are both 3 billion. The token is traded on various platforms, including Uniswap and Sushiswap.

The BLUR/USDC trading pair on Uniswap has a liquidity pool with 2.3 million BLUR tokens worth $405,770 and 583,629 USDC tokens worth $583,769. The trading pair has a trading history with various buy and sell transactions at different prices and times. The safety check indicates that there are no honeypots, hidden buy/sell taxes, pausable transfers, or proxy contracts associated with this trading pair. The token information for BLUR indicates that it is the native governance token of the NFT marketplace Blur and has a current price of $0.1758 with a market cap of $527,693,900.

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