Cubic Overview

What is Cubic?

Cubic provides social features, like voting, to help users and partner programs form strong relationships. This active engagement attracts more users and drives deeper involvement with partners. Cubic uses Choice Protocol to create this strong community. Choice Protocol is a community governance tool that empowers users to participate in project decisions from the start. By utilizing token airdrops and on-chain asset proof, it guarantees transparent decision-making that consolidates community consensus and represents user contributions.

Main Features
Gamified on-chain voting
Continuous activities to engage users
Transparency with on-chain data
Easy Access to Airdrops

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Frequently asked questions

Log in on the app by following this link Check the voting events and if you're already on the Whitelist, choose 'Mint Tickets'. You can acquire some voting tickets for free, with the option to purchase additional tickets publicly at a fixed price per ticket. The, click "Voting" to cast your vote.

Yes, users can earn rewards through various activities and contributions on the platform, such as participating in voting events, engaging with partner programs, and contributing to community development.

Choice Protocol uses on-chain data to track user contributions and identify valuable members within the community. It also incentivizes participation through potential airdrops of governance tokens, fostering a more engaged user base.

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