DAOHQ Overview

What is DAOHQ?

Explore the largest online DAO directory with advanced analytics for over 2,000 DAOs. Access financial, governance, and social stats through our DAO Data API. Use our growing suite of DAO tools or invest in the overall DAO market through the DAOHQ index token ($DHQ).

Main Features
Custom Dashboard: Get all your DAO updates in one place
DAO Marketplace: Discover, invest, and vote in DAOs
DAO Portfolio Management: Manage your DAO portfolio, votes, tokens, and updates
Comprehensive DAO Data: Access the most extensive dataset on on-chain organizations
Data API: Powerful, self-serve DAO analytics for investment analysts, researchers, and developers

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Frequently asked questions

DAOHQ is a marketplace for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that allows users to manage organizations and companies on the blockchain. It offers a range of services including a DAO dashboard to manage portfolios, votes, tokens, and updates, a data API with extensive DAO datasets, a DAOHQ Index token composed of the top 25 DAOs by market cap, a launchpad to easily create and govern a DAO, and an OTC platform for deeper liquidity for DAO tokens. DAOHQ also provides resources such as a knowledge base, blog, and FAQ to educate users about DAOs.

To access the DAOHQ Data API, you can use the Restful API built to OpenAPI 3.0 standard. The API provides over 20 endpoints for researchers, developers, and DAOs to make data-driven decisions, build web3 applications, and monitor DAO metrics. The API offers high rate limits and unlimited requests on the Enterprise option. It provides comprehensive and detailed DAO metrics, aggregated data points with meta data, market cap tracking, treasury value tracking, and the ability to monitor top performing DAOs by various criteria. The API is designed with analysts in mind, offering a data analyst-first experience with a simple interface. The data is trustworthy as it is manually checked by the data teams. The API provides deep data on DAO governance, financials, and community stats. To access the API, you can refer to the documentation available on the DAOHQ website.

The DAOHQ Dashboard offers features such as managing your DAO portfolio, votes, tokens, and updates in one place.

To manage your DAO portfolio on DAOHQ, you can use the DAO dashboard. This dashboard allows you to manage your DAO portfolio, votes, tokens, and updates all in one place. Additionally, DAOHQ offers a Data API that provides the most extensive DAO dataset, which is human checked and curated. The DAOHQ Index is a single ERC-20 token composed of the top 25 DAOs by market cap. DAOHQ also offers a Launchpad, where you can launch your DAO and its governance token in just 5 minutes. Furthermore, DAOHQ provides OTC services for deeper liquidity for your DAO's token through their P2P contract and Discord integration.

The benefits of using the DAOHQ Data API for developers include:

  1. Access to over 20 endpoints: Developers can make data-driven decisions by accessing a wide range of endpoints provided by the API. Additionally, if developers need a custom endpoint, they can request it and DAOHQ will build it for them.

  2. High rate limits and unlimited requests: The Data API offers high rate limits and unlimited requests for developers, especially on the Enterprise option. This allows developers to build their web3 applications on top of the API without worrying about limitations.

  3. Monitoring and insights for DAOs: Developers can use the Data API to monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and health of their DAOs compared to others. This helps in extracting data-driven insights and making informed decisions.

  4. Comprehensive and detailed DAO metrics: The API provides the most comprehensive and detailed metrics for DAOs, including aggregated data points such as DAO, Token, Community, Treasury, and DEX Transactions. All aggregated data points come with metadata, ensuring transparency and depth of the data pool.

  5. Market cap tracking: The API allows developers to track the market cap for all tokens paired to DAOs over time. This information is valuable for understanding the performance and growth of DAOs.

  6. Treasury value tracking: Developers can also track the treasury value of all treasuries paired to DAOs over time. This helps in analyzing the financials and stability of DAOs.

  7. Top X by Y monitoring: The API enables developers to monitor the top performing DAOs based on various criteria such as treasury, market cap, community growth, token holders, DEX transactions, and votes. This feature provides valuable insights into the performance and competitiveness of DAOs.

  8. Trustworthy and deep data: The API ensures trustworthy data by manually checking data sources to ensure correct alignment of contracts, tokens, and community data. It provides a deep dive into DAO governance, financials, and community statistics, making it a powerful tool for data analysis.

In summary, the DAOHQ Data API offers developers a comprehensive and reliable source of data for their web3 applications. It provides a wide range of endpoints, high rate limits, and unlimited requests. Developers can monitor and analyze DAO metrics, track market cap and treasury value, and gain insights into the top performing DAOs. The API is built with analysts in mind, offering a simple interface and trustworthy data.

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