DeFi Rate Overview

What is DeFi Rate?

An independent research outlet providing top-tier information on legitimate companies across the Web3 industry. Allows users to read and compare hundreds of DeFi protocols and Web3 applications to find what they're looking for and how it can be useful to them. Trusted platform for accurate web3 information with over 3 million readers to date.

Main Features
Up-to-date crypto news
Reliable source of information
Tools to understand crypto
Informative and educational content
Friendly resource for readers

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Frequently asked questions

The team behind Milk Road Daily includes Michael Wittmeyer and Kendall Saville as co-founders, Carter Brutschy in finance, Diego Salinas as a writer, and Jonny Taneski as the head of sales.

Milk Road Daily provides a daily newsletter, website, and social media presence that offers tools, information, and news to help people understand what matters in crypto. They aim to inform, educate, and be a friendly resource for their readers.

To contact Milk Road Daily, you can reach out to them online through their editorial team or for advertising purposes. They can also be contacted through mail at their mailing address: 603 Munger Avenue, Suite 100 #1006, Dallas, TX 75202. Additionally, you can find Milk Road on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Milk Road Daily does offer advertising opportunities. The "Contact for advertising" section in the "Contact Us" page indicates that they can be reached for advertising inquiries. Additionally, the "Advertising Disclosure" section in the "About Us" page suggests that Milk Road receives compensation from companies, which implies that they offer advertising opportunities.

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