DefiLlama Overview

What is DefiLlama?

One of the largest TVL aggregators that shows the development of popular chains and dApps over time with accurate and open-sourced data.

Main Features
Total Value Locked (TVL) tracking
Market capitalization analysis
Stablecoin market cap and dominance monitoring
Cryptocurrency performance tracking

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Frequently asked questions

The main features of the DefiLlama web app include:

  1. Staking: Users can stake their tokens in the app.
  2. Pool: Users can participate in Pool2, which is a type of liquidity pool.
  3. Borrow: Users can borrow tokens from the app.
  4. Liquid Staking: Users can participate in liquid staking, which allows them to stake their tokens while still maintaining liquidity.
  5. Vesting: Users can access vesting schedules for various crypto assets, which shows the gradual release of tokens over time.
  6. Total Stablecoins Market Cap: The app provides information on the total market capitalization of stablecoins.
  7. Stablecoins: The app provides information on different stablecoins and their market caps.
  8. Total Value Locked (TVL): The app provides information on the total value locked in various protocols.
  9. Lido Dominance: The app provides information on the dominance of Lido.
  10. Volume: The app provides information on the trading volume of crypto assets.
  11. Total Funding Amount: The app provides information on the total funding amount in various protocols.
  12. Protocol Rankings: The app provides rankings of different protocols based on various metrics such as TVL, fees, and revenue.
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