DeForm Overview

What is DeForm?

A powerful survey creation tool that helps you identify your audience and understand your community. Use DeForm to create allowlists, event registrations, product feedback surveys, marketing giveaways with ERC20s and NFTs, and even DAO governance and voting systems with ease!

Main Features
Cheap transactions
Easy fund recovery
Identity Verification
Custom Branding

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Frequently asked questions

DeForm fights spam by implementing several measures. It performs social and onchain activity checks, processing over 70,000 form responses and reducing sybil attacks and spam by 60%. DeForm also offers identity verification and integration workflows to ensure verified data for onchain communities. Additionally, it allows users to create allowlists, which block unwanted engagement farmers while incentivizing responses from high-quality leads. These measures help to maintain the integrity of the platform and prevent spam.

Yes, DeForm can send digital asset rewards. DeForm helps you send digital asset rewards and level up your onchain marketing.

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