Discove Overview

What is Discove?

The best way to easily create feeds and share them with the Farcaster social community, making the discovery of the best content relating to interests and topics better.

Main Features
New protocol for social mini-apps
Decentralized infrastructure
Searching and organizing content
Profiles with interests and activity levels
Voice chat platform - Xitter spaces

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Frequently asked questions

To join Xitter spaces as a speaker, you need to be a Farcaster user. Farcaster provides authentication and profiles for Xitter spaces. Once you are a Farcaster user, you can join Xitter spaces as a speaker and participate in voice chats. Additionally, Xitter spaces allows speakers to share their screens during the chat. The infrastructure of Xitter spaces is decentralized, and you can also cast invitations to your friends to join the space. Furthermore, Xitter spaces plans to offer POAP NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for speakers in the near future.

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