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What is Dodo?

A decentralized trading platform that makes it simple for anybody to issue and trade Web3 assets by utilizing the innovative Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm to ensure effective on-chain liquidity. It lowers impermanent loss for liquidity providers and offers DEX traders competitive prices. PMM can dynamically adjust liquidity levels based on market conditions. This helps ensure there's always enough liquidity available for smooth trading, even for less-traded tokens.

Main Features
Best Prices and Cross-chain Aggregator
Add trading function to your products and earn transaction fees
Supported by well-known investment institutions
Completed more than ten audits and bug bounty program
Easy to use and secure platform

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Frequently asked questions

DODO is an on-chain liquidity hub that offers trading services and allows developers to add trading functions to their products. It is supported by various well-known investment institutions in the industry and has undergone multiple audits for security. DODO has a bug bounty program with a maximum reward of $100,000.

The main features of DODO include DODO X, which is a cross-chain aggregator offering the best prices, and the ability for developers to add trading functions to their products and earn transaction fees. DODO has a high all-time volume of $125.69B and a large user base of 2,512,277. It is supported by well-known investment institutions such as Pantera, Binance labs, Coinbase, Framework, Galaxy Digital, IOSG, Folius, and SevenX.

To add trading function to your products, you can utilize the Developer Portal provided by DODO. By integrating with DODO, you can enable trading capabilities and earn transaction fees.

The investors of DODO include Pantera, Binance labs, Coinbase, Framework, Galaxy Digital, IOSG, Folius, and SevenX.

DODO appears to have taken several security measures to ensure its safety. It has completed more than ten audits, launched a bug bounty program, and partnered with security firms such as Trail of Bits, Sherlock, immunefi, and hackenproof. However, without further details or independent verification, it is recommended to conduct thorough research and due diligence before using the platform.

As of May 1, 2023, the crypto wallets supported on DODO are the following:

Binance Wallet Bitkeep Brave Wallet Coinbase Wallet Frontier Wallet GameStop Wallet KuCoin Wallet Ledger Math Wallet MetaMask Nabox OKX Wallet OneKey OpenBlock Portis Unstoppable Wallet WalletConnect

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