eZKalibur Overview

What is eZKalibur?

eZKalibur is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform designed to facilitate trading, staking, launching projects, monitoring rewards, and bridging. It offers users the ability to engage in decentralized finance operations through a user-friendly interface, aiming to enhance accessibility and efficiency in the DeFi space.

Main Features
Launchpad to bootstrap their liquidity
Community Ownership
Revenue Sharing
Faster and cheaper transactions
ZkSync Era

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Frequently asked questions

eZKalibur offers liquidity providers (LPs) the chance to earn by staking LP tokens in yield farms, with rewards based on each farm's APR. By contributing to liquidity pools, LPs gain LP tokens, representing their share of the pool, and earn a significant portion of the trading fees, specifically 0.17% from each trade, enhancing liquidity and trading efficiency. However, providing liquidity involves risks, including impermanent loss, which occurs if the value of deposited assets changes.

eZKalibur already have integrated three different bridges for user's convenience. The bridges are Rhino Fi, Orbiter Finance, and XY Finance.

Yes, they have a governance token called $SWORD while the escrowed token is called $xSWORD. The escrowed token, xSWORD, is central to a sustainable tokenomics strategy, with farming rewards distributed in an 80%/20% xSWORD/SWORD ratio to support long-term protocol goals and limit short-term selling pressure. xSWORD not only represents a vested interest but also allows holders to earn dividends, comprising 20% of the protocol's earnings. Additionally, xSWORD holders benefit from enhanced allocations on the Launchpad, improving their chances for early project involvement, with specific lock periods announced for each launch.

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