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What is Frenpet?

FrenPet, created by Cadu Veloso and Surfcoderepeat, is an innovative tamagochi-like indie game on the base blockchain, focusing on true digital ownership. Players can start by downloading the app from, which creates a crypto wallet for in-game use, requiring base Ethereum (ETH) for activation. The game revolves around minting pets using $FP tokens, with a unique economy where players receive 100 $FP back when another pet is minted. The initial distribution of $FP tokens was fair and limited, with no pre-allocation to the developers.

The gameplay involves managing the "Time Of Death" (TOD) of pets by feeding them, with each food item resetting the TOD. Pets not fed in time are permanently lost, as their corresponding NFTs are burned. Players can engage in daily games like "Spin The Wheel" and "Dice" for additional rewards. 90% of $FP used in the game is burned, enhancing the token's value, while 10% goes to referrals.


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