frens Overview

What is frens?

DAO project management tool that makes members visible for their contributions across platforms and incentivizes/rewards users for their contributions.

Main Features
No 24/7 chat room management
Real-time updates
User-friendly interface
Beta waitlist

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Frequently asked questions

Frens is different from other virtual community platforms because it is the first scalable platform that does not require the management of a 24/7 chat room.

No, on Frens, you do not need to manage a 24/7 chat room as it is designed to be a scalable virtual community platform that does not require constant management.

To join the beta waitlist for Frens, you can sign up on their website to stay updated and be notified when the beta version becomes available.

The main features of Frens include being the first scalable virtual community platform that does not require managing a 24/7 chat room. Users can sign up to stay updated and join the beta waitlist.

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