FS Overview

What is FS?

FS is a decentralized platform for trading and investing in equity, tokens, tokenized shares, and NFTs of startups.

Main Features
Decentralized and self-custodial
On-ramp and Off-ramp Crypto or Swap Now Across 30+ Blockchains at the Best Rates

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Frequently asked questions

FS.exchange is a decentralized platform that allows users to engage in various activities related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Users can buy, sell, and swap tokens, invest in blockchain startups, and earn yields from their crypto holdings. The platform supports trading across 30+ blockchains and offers competitive rates for on-ramping and off-ramping crypto. Additionally, FS.exchange offers exclusive opportunities for seed sales and membership in the FSmart Club, which provides access to a premium crypto investing experience. Overall, FS.exchange aims to be a comprehensive hub for trading, earning, and investing in the crypto space.

To swap tokens on FS.exchange, you can use the Swap feature. FS.exchange is a decentralized platform where you can trade, earn, and invest in blockchain startups, tokens, and NFTs. The Swap feature allows you to buy, sell, and swap tokens across 30+ blockchains at the best rates. It is decentralized and self-custodial, ensuring the security of your assets. To access the Swap feature, you can open the FS.exchange app and start trading your tokens.

Their website mentions that FS.exchange is a "decentralized and self-custodial" platform for buying, selling, and swapping tokens. However, it does not provide specific details or evidence to confirm its decentralization.

The benefits of joining FSmart Club include:

  1. Trading and Investing: FSmart Club provides a decentralized hub for trading, earning, and investing in blockchain startups equity, tokens, or NFTs. Users can buy, sell, and swap tokens, invest in amazing tokens and NFT projects, and earn the best yields from one place.

  2. Best Rates: FSmart Club offers on-ramp and off-ramp crypto services, allowing users to swap crypto across 30+ blockchains at the best rates.

  3. Earn with Crypto: Users can revolutionize their crypto investments with FS Liquid Staking and start earning today.

  4. Exclusive Opportunities: By joining FSmart Club, users can unlock exclusive opportunities and access amazing and exclusive seed sales.

  5. Decentralized and Self-Custodial: FSmart Club is decentralized and self-custodial, ensuring that users have full control over their assets and transactions.

Overall, joining FSmart Club provides users with a comprehensive and convenient platform for trading, investing, and earning with crypto, along with access to exclusive opportunities and the benefits of decentralization.

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