Galaxy Blitz Overview

What is Galaxy Blitz?

Galaxy Blitz is a science fiction themed, play-to-earn blockchain strategy game where you can build an empire and earn rewards. Players can enjoy Galaxy Blitz for free or enhance their gameplay by spending USDT or BNB. NFT Heroes have superior stats compared to common free heroes, and players can earn resources through miner-type structures, PVE mode, and participating in PVP and DAO tournaments, earning MIT and HY tokens. These tokens can boost players' strength, and extra tokens can be sold on the secondary market for profit.

Main Features
PVP, PVE, and GVG system
Play-to-earn mechanism
NFT integration
Free-to-play with optional upgrades
Resource Mining
ZkSync EraScrollPolygon

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Frequently asked questions

Upon joining and entering the game, players will receive a hero and a spaceship as a welcome gift. Non-NFT Heroes can be obtained by any player through drawings or special events.

Yes, Galaxy Blitz is free to play, but spending cryptocurrencies (USDT, BNB) can give you access to stronger NFT heroes and NFT spaceships, potentially enhancing your gameplay.

Miner-type structures at the base provide common in-game resources such as Titanium, Gas, Ice, and star coins. Players can also earn more resources by playing the PVE mode.

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