Nimbus Overview

What is Nimbus?

Nimbus is a tailored portfolio tracker that brings together your investment details from various places like blockchain networks and centralized exchanges in one spot. It stands out from options like Debank or Nansen by offering straightforward metrics and indicators that help investors get a clear picture of their risks and potential returns, and find ways to boost their earnings.

Main Features
Real-time Portfolio Tracking with On-chain and CEX supported (Binance, Coinbase, OKX, ByBit,...)
Comprehensive Analytics tailored for Investors (Including PnL, risk, allocation,...)
Customized Alerts (soon)
Yield farming suggestion based on your holding

Frequently asked questions

On Nansen, Debank, it shows how much you have and what's going on in the market. On Nimbus, we show how much you have and what's going on with your CURRENT INVESTMENT and then suggest you adjust it to reduce risk and maximize the return.

In Addition, we're not just limited to on-chain data, we support CEX as well so you can track your investment on every platform.

Understand your current investment. And then reduce the risk and maximize the return.

We only get your wallet address and DO NOT ask you to make any transactions so basically you're safe. We also use Vezgo to integrate CEX, which has a certificate for banking security.

Nimbus offers an Analytics feature that allows users to access risk and return analyses and compare them with the market.

Furthermore, users can optimize profits by copying from Whale portfolios to make more suitable buying and selling decisions.

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