KaratDAO Overview

What is KaratDAO?

A suite of DAO tools that aims to solve the problem of ineffective customer acquisition in the crypto industry.

Main Features
Verifiable Credential
Bridge Web2 data and Web3
Mainnet token launch
Unlimited supply
Build your on-chain profile and name service

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Frequently asked questions

Karat Network is a fully decentralized data network that connects Web2 (traditional internet) to Web3 (blockchain-based internet). It is powered by MPC (Multi-Party Computation) and ZK (Zero-Knowledge) technologies. Karat Network allows users to bridge their Web2 data and Web3 by creating verifiable credentials of their Web2 data. Users can also authorize their data with confidence and connect their wallets to access various features such as analytics, airdrops, and staking. The network also offers a mainnet token launch with 70,000,000 KAT tokens available for mining.

Karat Network connects Web2 to Web3 through its fully decentralized data network powered by MPC (Multi-Party Computation) and ZK (Zero-Knowledge) technologies. It allows users to bridge their Web2 data onto the blockchain by creating verifiable credentials. These credentials encrypt and verify users' social accounts and other Web2 data, ensuring the authenticity and security of the information. This connection enables users to authorize their data confidently and interact with Web3 applications and services.

The mainnet token launch refers to the release of a cryptocurrency token on the mainnet, which is the live and operational version of a blockchain network. In this context, it is mentioned that if someone participated in an Initial DEX Offering (IDO), they can claim their tokens related to the mainnet token launch.

To build your on-chain profile and name service on the Karat Network, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Connect your wallet: Use the "Connect wallet" option to connect your wallet to the Karat Network platform.

  2. Create a KARATForm: Use the "Create form" option to create a KARATForm that collects wallets. This form allows you to gather useful insights about wallets, such as ETH balance, blue chip NFTs, tags, and social media accounts.

  3. Analyze wallets: After creating the KARATForm, you can use the "Analyze wallets" option to view informative wallet insights. This includes details like ETH balance, blue chip NFTs, tags, and social media accounts associated with the wallets.

  4. Create an airdrop: The Karat Network platform allows you to create NFT or token airdrops through their launchpad. This feature helps increase engagement and visibility for your project. Use the "Create airdrop" option to create and share an airdrop with your audience.

  5. Build your on-chain profile and name service: The Karat Network enables you to build your on-chain profile and name service. This allows you to establish your identity and reputation on the blockchain. Details about how to build your on-chain profile and name service are not provided in the given reference text.

To bridge your Web2 data to Web3 using the Karat Network, you can create verifiable credentials of your Web2 data. This process involves encrypting and verifying your social accounts through Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and bridging the Web2 data on-chain. By authorizing your data with confidence, you can securely connect your Web2 data to the decentralized Web3 network.

To verify your social accounts through MPC (Multi-Party Computation) and ZK (Zero-Knowledge) technologies on the Karat Network, you can use the Verifiable Credential feature. This feature allows you to encrypt and verify your social accounts by bridging your Web2 data onto the blockchain. By doing so, you can securely authorize and verify your social accounts with confidence.

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