Krebit Overview

What is Krebit?

A pseudonymous identification platform that utilizes Ceramic's Self.Id Decentralized Identity (DID) to allow users to control their personal data and profiles, while providing real-time reputation information for Web3 developers while maintaining user privacy.

Main Features
Earn with your talent and grow your reputation
Proof your skills, import your existing achievements
Safe and fair escrow payments
Earn with referrals inviting your trusted contacts
Join the Web3 Professional Movement

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Frequently asked questions

On Krebit, professionals can earn with their talent and grow their reputation. They can showcase their skills and import their existing achievements. The platform offers safe and fair escrow payments. Professionals can also earn through referrals by inviting their trusted contacts. Krebit is a web3 native platform and part of the web3 professional movement. It allows professionals to import their reputation and build a portable reputation in their decentralized application (dApp). Krebit provides pre-vetted profiles and a community of Krebiters. It also offers encrypted verifiable credentials and facilitates the hiring of professional services. Krebit aims to eliminate bias in the hiring process and allows recruiters to hire pseudonymous talent based on pre-vetted merit. The platform is integrated with web3 partners such as Ceramic, Orbis, Lit, Unstoppable Domains, Spect, and Guild. Krebit is solving the problem of portable reputation.

Yes, you can import your existing achievements to showcase on Krebit. Krebit is a web3 platform that allows professionals to earn with their talent and grow their reputation. One of the features of Krebit is the ability to import your existing achievements and proof your skills. This allows you to showcase your previous accomplishments and build a portable reputation in your dApp. Krebit also offers safe and fair escrow payments, the ability to earn with referrals, and access to pre-vetted talent.

Krebit offers "safe and fair Escrow payments.".

To earn through referrals on Krebit, you can invite your trusted contacts to join the network. By referring others to Krebit, you have the opportunity to earn through the platform.

The Web3 Professional Movement is a community and platform that allows professionals to earn income and grow their reputation in the Web3 ecosystem. It offers features such as proof of skills and importation of existing achievements, safe and fair escrow payments, earning through referrals, and the ability to build a portable reputation in decentralized applications (dApps). The movement also includes the Krebiters Community, which consists of pre-vetted profiles and offers encrypted verifiable credentials. The goal is to provide a platform for professionals to showcase their talents, connect with potential clients or employers, and eliminate bias in the hiring process.

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