Kwenta Overview

What is Kwenta?

Kwenta is a crypto derivatives platform that allows users to trade a wide range of synthetic assets, known as Synths, which mimic the value of real-world assets like cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, commodities, and stock indices. Kwenta offers isolated margin, up to 50x leverage, and requires traders to deposit sUSD and has a $40 minimum deposit requirement to incentivize timely liquidations.

Main Features
Secure decentralized and non-custodial
Supports a wide range of tokens
Straightforward and user-friendly
Backed by hybrid of Chainlink and Pyth Oracles
Up to 50x leverage and deep liquidity

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Frequently asked questions

Kwenta charges a small fee for each trade, which is used to support the operations of the Synthetix network. These fees are variable and depend on the specific Synth and market conditions.

The leverage offered on Kwenta is up to 50.00x.

The unique markets offered on Kwenta include BNB (Binance), AXS (Axie), ETH (Ethereum), BTC (Bitcoin), LINK (Chainlink), SOL (Solana), AVAX (Avalanche), AAVE (Aave), UNI (Uniswap), MATIC (Polygon), APE (ApeCoin), DYDX (DYDX), OP (Optimism), and DOGE (Dogecoin).

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