Layerbank Overview

What is Layerbank?

LayerBank is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that serves as a one-stop shop for borrowing, lending, and swapping crypto across different blockchains, but faster and cheaper. It empowers users to manage their own funds directly and offers attractive interest rates within a decentralized market, eliminating the need for middlemen.

Main Features
Competitive interest rates
Secure and transparent
Sustainable tokenomics
Yield boosting and revenue sharing
Cross-chain lending

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Frequently asked questions

Without the use of middlemen, LayerBank gives users total control over their finances. In addition, it offers favorable lending and borrowing interest rates, yield farming and staking options, and decentralized trading on its DEX.

Yes, LayerBank lets users vote on proposals and decisions pertaining to the development and management of the platform, giving them a say in governance. This gives users the ability to influence the platform's direction.

$LAB token holders can participate in platform governance by voting on proposals that shape LayerBank's future. Users can also stake $LAB to earn rewards and contribute to the platform's security. There is a plan in the future for $LAB tokens to be used as platform fees, such as swap fees or withdrawal fees. (Current fees are paid in the traded tokens.)

LayerBank uses a transparent fee structure. Fees vary depending on the service used (borrowing, lending, swapping) and the chosen blockchain.

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