Lore Explore Overview

What is Lore Explore?

An AI-enabled analytics platform that solves the major issues with blockchain analytics, such as the obscure and difficult interpretation of blockchain data, the complexity and expense of querying on-chain data, and the lack of consumer-friendly analytical tools.

Main Features
Unique search rank algorithms
Stay safe and discover insights
Unified search across all chains
Legible transactions in simple English
Real-time events monitoring and notifications

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Frequently asked questions

Lore makes blockchains easy to understand by providing features such as natural language search, legible transactions in simple English, and real-time events monitoring. Users can search for information using natural language queries, eliminating the need for complex SQL queries. Transactions are presented in clear and concise language, allowing users to easily understand what happened on the blockchain. Real-time events monitoring notifies users through various channels such as Discord, Telegram, Email, and SMS, enabling them to stay updated on important events.

The main features of Lore include:

  1. Natural Language Search: Lore allows users to search and comprehend blockchain data in natural language, making it easy to understand and navigate.
  2. Cross-chain Tracking: Lore supports multiple protocols and provides cross-chain tracking, allowing users to explore and analyze data from different blockchains.
  3. Extensible Metrics: Lore offers extensible metrics, enabling users to create powerful visual representations of on-chain data and surface insights quickly.
  4. Legible Transactions: Lore presents transactions in simple and concise English, making it easier for users to understand and interpret the data.
  5. Unified Product: Lore combines feature-rich tooling in one seamless product experience, providing a comprehensive solution for exploring and analyzing block data.
  6. Empowering Protocols: Lore is designed to accelerate the adoption of blockchain ecosystems, prioritizing the needs of the community.
  7. Single Point of Discovery: Lore aims to unify the fragmented world of Web3 by serving as a single point of discovery across all chains, allowing users to find relevant information and insights easily.
  8. Enhanced Security: Lore's unique search rank algorithms help users identify good actors and avoid malicious contracts, ensuring a safer experience.
  9. Community Ownership: Lore's mission is to empower communities to own and organize their own data, reimagining the stack for ecosystem tooling with a focus on ease of use.

Yes, Lore can search across all chains. It is designed to be a single point of discovery across all chains in the fragmented world of Web3. Lore's unique search rank algorithms allow users to quickly find good actors among malicious contracts and stay safe while discovering insights, all in English.

Lore ensures safety and discovers insights by providing a feature-rich tooling experience that allows users to easily understand and navigate blockchains. It offers natural language search capabilities, allowing users to find relevant information without the need for complex coding or SQL queries. Lore also provides legible transactions in simple English, making it easier for users to comprehend blockchain data. Additionally, Lore unifies the fragmented world of Web3 by serving as a single point of discovery across all chains, using unique search rank algorithms to quickly identify trustworthy actors and malicious contracts. This helps users stay safe and discover valuable insights in English.

The benefit of legible transactions in simple English is that it allows users to easily understand and interpret blockchain data without relying on complex hash codes. By presenting transactions in clear and concise language, users can quickly grasp what occurred on the blockchain without the need for technical expertise. This enhances accessibility and usability, making it easier for individuals to interact with and analyze blockchain data.

Yes, Lore provides real-time events monitoring.

To get notified about events on Lore, you can use the real-time events monitoring feature. Lore offers notifications in real time through Discord, Telegram, Email, and SMS. This allows you to stay updated on the most important events happening on the platform. Additionally, Lore is designed to make blockchains easy to understand, with features such as natural language search and comprehension in simple English. By using Lore, you can easily monitor events and gain insights about your users and ecosystem.

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