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What is Mailchain?

An open-source communication protocol and unified inbox application for Web3 identities and blockchain addresses, enabling private email communication.

Main Features
End-to-end encryption
Decentralized storage
Web3 authentication
Notifications & updates
Direct communication

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Frequently asked questions

Mailchain ensures privacy and security through several measures. Firstly, all messages sent through Mailchain are end-to-end encrypted using unique keys known only to the recipient. This ensures both forwards and backwards secrecy, as Mailchain cannot see a user's encrypted user profile or messages. The decryption process occurs on the client side, within the user's browser.

Additionally, Mailchain does not require knowledge of a user's private keys to send and receive messages from existing blockchain addresses. Instead, it utilizes a unique identity key, along with corresponding signing and encryption keys for each registered account. This means that Mailchain does not have access to the user's private keys, enhancing security.

Furthermore, Mailchain stores messages on decentralized storage, ensuring that they are encrypted and safeguarding user privacy. This decentralized approach prevents anyone from seeing which wallets are connected to a user's Mailchain account.

Overall, Mailchain aims to provide a secure, private, and decentralized communication platform that respects user privacy and offers robust security measures.

Yes, you can send and receive messages from any blockchain address using Mailchain. It allows you to communicate directly with followers, customers, and the community by integrating their open protocol into your application. All messages are end-to-end encrypted using unique keys known only to the recipient, ensuring privacy and security. Mailchain does not require knowledge of your private keys and works with a unique identity key for each registered account. It supports communication for all things web3, such as NFTs, transactions, signups, airdrops, and whitelists. With Mailchain, you can have your own inbox and own your keys, making it a decentralized and secure solution for web3 communication.

The benefits of using Mailchain for businesses include:

  1. Simplified communication for blockchain identities: Mailchain provides a unified inbox that simplifies sending and receiving messages for all blockchain identities. This brings all related Web3 activity to one place, making it easier to manage online identity and communication.

  2. Enhanced privacy and security: All messages sent through Mailchain are secured with end-to-end encryption. Users own their keys, ensuring that only the intended recipient can access the messages. Messages are also encrypted and saved on decentralized storage, safeguarding privacy.

  3. Web3 native email: Mailchain allows businesses to create an account using any personal blockchain addresses without any charge or gas fees. It offers a familiar and intuitive interface, functioning and feeling just like regular email.

  4. Direct communication with followers, customers, and community: Businesses can use Mailchain to communicate directly with their followers, customers, and community. All that is needed is the recipient's blockchain address, providing a convenient and secure way to engage with stakeholders.

  5. Integration into applications: Mailchain offers an open protocol that businesses can integrate into their applications. This allows for seamless communication within the application, enhancing user experience and privacy.

Overall, Mailchain provides businesses with a secure, private, and decentralized platform for communication, respecting user privacy and offering robust security.

Yes, Mailchain is compatible with all major chains and EVMs.

Developers can integrate Mailchain into their applications by following these steps:

  1. Install the Mailchain SDK: Developers can install the Mailchain SDK in their project by running the command npm install @mailchain/sdk.

  2. Import the Mailchain module: Developers need to import the Mailchain module in their code using the following line: import { Mailchain } from '@mailchain/sdk';.

  3. Set up the Mailchain instance: Developers should create an instance of the Mailchain class by providing a secret recovery phrase. This can be done using the following code:

const secretRecoveryPhrase = process.env.SECRET_RECOVERY_PHRASE!;
const mailchain = Mailchain.fromSecretRecoveryPhrase(secretRecoveryPhrase);
  1. Send a mail: Developers can use the sendMail method of the Mailchain instance to send a mail. They need to provide the sender address, recipient addresses, subject line, and content (text and HTML). Here's an example:
const result = await mailchain.sendMail({
  from: `allofweb3.eth`, // sender address
  to: [`epistola.lens`], // list of recipients
  subject: 'Mailchain now supports .lens profiles 🌿', // subject line
  content: {
    text: 'Hello Frenz 👋', // plain text body
    html: '<p>Hello Frenz 👋</p>', // html body

By following these steps, developers can easily integrate Mailchain into their applications and enable web3-native email communication with their users.

Yes, you can use Mailchain for personal and team communication. Mailchain allows you to send and receive messages, get notifications, and manage communication and identities in one inbox. It supports both 1:1 and 1:Many communication for all things web3, such as NFTs, transactions, signups, airdrops, and whitelists. Messages sent through Mailchain are encrypted and saved on decentralized storage, ensuring privacy and security. Additionally, Mailchain allows you to own your keys, meaning you have full control over your messages and identities.

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