OmniBTC Overview

What is OmniBTC?

OmniBTC is an omnichain DeFi platform enhancing cross-chain liquidity and transactions by integrating with protocols like LayerZero and Wormhole. It supports decentralized swaps and lending/borrowing across multiple blockchains. With a focus on bridging various chains and aggregating liquidity, OmniBTC facilitates seamless cross-chain activities, distinguished by its significant trading volume and extensive chain and DEX integrations, aiming to provide users with optimal transaction routes.

Main Features
Single coin pool
Cross-chain DEX
Cross-chain Lending platform
Perpetual Liquidity
Governed by community

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Frequently asked questions

OmniBTC offers various features including:

  1. OmniSwap: Enables atomic swaps for secure and trustless exchange of tokens between different blockchains.
  2. OmniLending: Facilitates peer-to-peer lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies.
  3. OB Pass: A universal login system for accessing various blockchain applications.

The OB Pass is a unique NFT within the OmniBTC community, available in 8 distinct types, symbolizing membership identity. It grants holders the right to vote in community governance and access special privileges and benefits. It is a single sign-on solution that allows users to access different blockchain applications with a single set of credentials, improving convenience and security.

The service fee is fixed at 0.1% of the total swap. The fee for cross-chain transactions is set at 0.06% of the transaction value, applied only during swaps between different blockchain networks.

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