Plexus Overview

What is Plexus?

PLEXUS is a cross-chain DEX aggregator designed to ensure fast, cost-effective, and secure swaps across various blockchain networks through a single transaction. It utilizes advanced algorithms to determine the optimal routing for swaps, supports gas fee payments across all networks without requiring separate tokens, and prioritizes security with decentralized cross-chain communication technology.

Main Features
Cross-Chain Routing Protocol
Innovative gas fees solution
Decentralized and non-custodial
Cross-chain vault
Provides API for integration

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Frequently asked questions

Plexus enables users to cover gas fees across all supported networks, allowing for seamless swaps between different blockchains without the need for a distinct token specifically for gas expenses in their wallets.

PLEXUS introduces the world's first cross-chain Vault technology, combining on-chain liquidity data into a unified interface and enabling one-click asset multiplication across different chains for staking. It consolidates liquidity data across all connected chains and simplifies staking into a single transaction. With automatic compounding and contract bundling, PLEXUS enhances gas efficiency and maximizes returns, offering a streamlined DeFi experience across multiple blockchains.

CCRP, standing for Cross-Chain Routing Protocol, is a technology that facilitates communication between different blockchain networks. This innovative approach enables users to perform secure transactions across diverse blockchains with just one confirmation, streamlining the process of swapping assets between heterogeneous chains.

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