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What is Silo?

A decentralized lending Dapp using an isolated-pool approach where every token asset has its own lending market and is paired against the bridge assets ETH and Silo's over-collateralized stablecoin XAI. This results in a more secure and efficient lending model as lenders are only exposed to the risk of the bridge assets at any given time and there is only a single market for every token asset.

Main Features
Isolated Risk
Shared Liquidity
Inclusive and Limitless
Security and Audits

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Frequently asked questions

Silo ensures isolated risk by implementing a non-custodial lending protocol where each Silo operates independently. When users deposit in a Silo, the risk is not shared with other tokens in the protocol. Each Silo can only borrow the bridge asset from other Silos, keeping the risk isolated to a single Silo. This design allows for secure and isolated borrowing and lending of crypto assets within the Silo protocol.

Silo provides shared liquidity by concentrating liquidity for each token asset in a single Silo. Each token asset has its own Silo, and all Silos are connected by a bridge asset. This allows liquidity to move fluidly within the protocol, enabling any collateral token to borrow another. By isolating the risk to a single Silo, Silo ensures that when you deposit, you don't share the risk with other tokens in the protocol.

The key members of the Silo team are:

  1. Shadowy Edd - Smart Contracts Lead
  2. Ihor - Sr. Smart Contracts Eng.
  3. Neo Racer - Sr. Smart Contracts Eng.
  4. Tyko - Sr. Frontend Eng.
  5. Siros Ena - Frontend Lead
  6. El ll - Sr. Frontend Eng.
  7. Augustus - Ops Lead
  8. Aiham Jaabari - Growth Lead
  9. Yoshua Urioste - Business Dev. Manager
  10. Andrew - Product Design Lead
  11. Alex - Mathematician
  12. Anton - Mathematician

Silo is always looking for smart contract engineers and other talents.

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