SpeedRun Ethereum Curriculum Overview

What is SpeedRun Ethereum Curriculum?

Learn to write smart contracts and build apps on Ethereum with our comprehensive curriculum.

Main Features
Convenient access to Github for posting queries, issues, and remarks
Support for WalletConnect for wallet connectivity
Ability to submit challenges using Scaffold-eth

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Frequently asked questions

Scaffold-eth is a development framework for building on Ethereum. It provides a template React app with important Ethereum components and hooks, as well as integration with HardHat for compiling and deploying smart contracts. Scaffold-eth allows developers to easily copy and paste Solidity concepts and experiment with global units, primitives, mappings, structs, modifiers, events, inheritance, sending ETH, and payable/fallback functions. It also offers tutorials and challenges to help developers learn and test their knowledge of Ethereum development.

Scaffold-eth provides the following features:

  • Copy/paste each Solidity concept and tinker with global units, primitives, mappings, structs, modifiers, events, inheritance, sending eth, and payable/fallback functions.
  • A template React app with important Ethereum components and hooks.
  • The ability to compile and deploy smart contracts using HardHat.
  • The ability to deploy an NFT to a public network.
  • The ability to create a decentralized staking app where users can coordinate a group funding effort.
  • The ability to collect ETH from numerous addresses using a payable stake() function and keep track of balances.
  • The ability to send collected ETH to an ExampleExternalContract and trigger the complete() action.
  • The ability to allow users to withdraw() if not enough ETH is collected.

To connect your wallet to Scaffold-eth, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new incognito window and navigate to http://localhost:3000.
  2. In the top right corner, you will see a new wallet address generated for the burner wallet.
  3. Copy the wallet address from the incognito window.
  4. In your main browser window, send test funds to the burner wallet address.
  5. Once you have funds in the burner wallet, go back to the incognito window and click on the "MINT NFT" button in the YourCollectibles tab.
  6. Your collectibles should start to show up in the incognito window.
  7. To transfer an NFT to the incognito window address, use the UI provided in Scaffold-eth.

Note: Burner wallets are temporary and are only used for local development. When interacting with public networks, you will need to use more permanent wallets.

Yes, you can submit challenges using Scaffold-eth.

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